A Breathtakingly Gorgeous Performance of The Christmas Song By Andrea Bocelli and Natalie Cole


Andrea Bocelli has managed to be a popular artist for a long time. He has managed to achieve a following among people who listen to classical music and to pop music, emphasizing his diversity as an artist and broad talent. Like a lot of singers, he eventually turned his talents to Christmas music. His performance here with Natalie Cole is one of the best that people are going to hear in any holiday season.

The two of them manage to harmonize very well together. Andrea Bocelli’s powerful vocals work very well in this extremely emotional setting. While people will have heard this holiday favorite many times before, Andrea Bocelli manages to make it seem completely new in this video. People should please SHARE¬†this video on Facebook, since it is such a spectacular performance of this holiday classic, and it is a particularly great song to listen to during the holidays.