Bride Walks Down The Aisle With The Man Who Received Her Dad’s Heart


You can’t imagine a more touching story than the one you are about to see in this video! When this young woman’s dad was murdered ten years ago, his organs were donated to help others. The man who received her dad’s heart was in dire need of a transplant and because of the death, he was able to live! When the young lady was planning her wedding, she knew who she wanted to walk her down the aisle. Her dad was able to be a part of her wedding because his heart lives on in the man.

This is truly a touching story that may bring a tear to your eye. The man felt so honored to be able to walk this young lady down the aisle in place of her special dad. When she reaches out to feel her dad’s heart beating in the man’s chest, it will touch your heart! Please SHARE on Facebook for all to see.