Brilliant Contrabass Player Joins With Two Street Performers to Play “Autumn Leaves”


The contrabass is not easy to play because of its sheer size. In this video, you will witness Jun-Hyuk Choi, a Korean who loves to play. Here, he is seen meeting up with two street performers: a violinist and a guitar player. When the three come together to play “Autumn Leaves”, the sound is so beautiful to hear! The notes of this song are so crisp, you can almost imagine the cool wind blowing and the leaves rustling as they tumble to and fro!

If you love truly authentic music, you will love listening to the performance in this video. It is clear these guys are truly talented and love performing before a captive audience. They are so good at what they do, you can almost imagine them performing as a part of an orchestra! If you love hearing this kind of music, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can recognize them for their immense talent.

DaJeong Kim