This Britain’s Got Talent Week Two Audition by Another Kind of Blue Will Have You Spellbound


This visual dance act, performed by Another Kind of Blue, features talents from Italy and the Netherlands. This is not your average dance video performance. In fact, it is anything but a traditional dance of any kind. You will be amazed as you see these two passionately perform their love story before the world. Complete with interactive hologram props, this performance takes the average Britain’s Got Talent performance to levels that rise out of this world!

As they interact with the background in their video performance, you will be astounded and feel as if their props are no longer props but are truly a part of these performer’s worlds. You will be blown away with each move they make, feeling their raw emotions in every part of their act. Check out this beautiful cinematic dance performance and enjoy every moment. When you are finished watching this video, Please SHARE on Facebook for the world to witness!