How To Brush Your Teeth


Most people consider brushing their teeth as something elementary and you don’t need any teaching to do it. Well this video will prove you wrong. You may be brushing your teeth in the wrong way but watching this video will help you know whether you’ve got it right or not.

There are two types of toothbrushes; the manual and the electric toothbrush. According to the medical practitioner in the video, you should always first read the instructions when using the electric tooth brush. You should also have a 45 degree angle between the tooth brush and the teeth. You should also remember to brush your tongue.

In the case of the manual tooth brush, you will need a little more energy. The same degree angle applies but with this brush, you should also brush the gum then brush your teeth pushing the brush away from the gums. The video also teaches you how many times you should brush your teeth and when you should change your toothbrush. You can SHARE this video on Facebook with your friends.