The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Share a Tribute to the Victims of the World Trade Center Attacks


For many years, the world has looked forward to watching the latest Budweiser commercials because they featured the iconic Clydesdale horses that are known for their beauty and strength. This video was a commercial made to honor the fallen men, women and children who lost their lives on the 9/11 attacks that destroyed so many lives.

As the Clydesdale horses make their march across the Brooklyn Bridge and past the Statue of Liberty, they stop and gaze over the New York skyline to see the Twin Towers are no longer there. As each horse begins to bow its head down in honor, your heart strings will be pulled and do not be surprised if a tear or two escapes down your cheeks. These beautiful creatures honor the fallen victims and show the world we will never forget that fateful day and those who lost their lives to such horrendous acts of terrorism. Enjoy this video and hold those you love just a little bit tighter. Please SHARE this video on Facebook and spread the word!


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