A Bulgarian Gymnast’s Spellbinding Performance and Amazing Physical Feats


Gymnasts regularly surprise people all the time with what they are capable of, and they seem to keep topping themselves over and over again. Footage from the early days of the Olympics demonstrates that a lot of the gymnasts of the day would not be considered impressive by today’s standards. Gymnasts are constantly having to out-compete the previous generation of gymnasts. The Bulgarian gymnast in this video will set a very high standard for gymnastics indeed.

She performs with a ball in this video, and the ball almost appears to be an extension of her body in some cases. She moves with such skill and grace that it is almost difficult to believe that this is a live performance. Gymnasts have been accomplishing the impossible for years, and she is one of the latest and greatest. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it will be just as impressive to new viewers.

gippi singh