Burn Victim Overcomes Her Serious Injuries and Is Honored as Prom Queen on Her Special Night


Kylie is a teen who nearly died in a house explosion. Unfortunately, her home had a gas leak and she did not know it. She went to light a candle and that was the last thing she remembered. Thankfully, her dog barked to get her awake and she was able to escape the flames. Regrettably, she was seriously burned over 45% of her body and went through an agonizing recovery. In this video, you get to witness her prom night as she wears a dress that exposes her scars for all the world to see.

When she arrives for her special night, the crowd embraces her, scars and all. She is so beautiful, inside and out, her scars do not show as blatantly! At the end of the night, Kylie is chosen prom queen, an honor she truly deserves after her long struggle to recover and get her life back to normal! If Kylie’s story encourages you, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook!

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