This Burn Victim Rose From Her Injuries and Used Them to Help and Inspire Others Around the World


When Shalom Nchom was only nine-years-old, a tragedy struck and she was severely burned by hot oil in her Mother’s restaurant. When the pain and healing were over, she was left with scars that would remain with her for the rest of her life. This video speaks of the emotional pain she has endured over the years as people teased her about her face. Instead of allowing their comments to destroy her, she made it her mission to help others while helping herself!

This video showcases the story of how Shalom rose above her injuries and learned to cover her scars so she could see her true beauty shining through. In her video presentations, she has been able to help thousands of others who have been injured by burns and are suffering from scarring. Her goal is to help people regain their confidence whether they are wearing makeup or going without. It is clear to see this young lady is a true beauty, both inside and out! After you watch this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to witness!

Great Big Story