Bus Driver Becomes A Hero When She Sees Two Small Children Walking Alone!


Jeannie Mitchell works for the Milwaukee County Transit System as a bus driver. One day, when she was on her normal route, she saw a sight that made her stop the bus. A four-year-old was out walking with a one-year-old and there were no adults with them. Jeannie stopped the bus to find out where they were going and who was with them and called the police when she found out they were lost. You do not want to miss this amazing video!

Thankfully, these children were returned safely to their mother and were not harmed in any way! It is scary to think what could have happened had Jeannie not stepped in to help! This bus driver is a true hero and deserves to be recognized for her caring actions. It has not been reported why these two children were away from their mother but thankfully, they were safely returned. Enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.