Caged Circus Tiger Was Finally Freed From His Tiny Cage and Able to Enjoy His Life


This is a touching video that any animal lover will want to watch. Hoover is a beautiful tiger who has spent much of his entire life living in a tiny cage and being forced to perform before audiences in the Peruvian circus. He was only allowed out of his tiny cage for training and performances and the rest of the time he simply laid there, unable to move or feel comfortable. Thankfully, Animal Defenders International was able to step in and save the day!

When you see Hoover after he is freed from his life of being a prisoner, you will not believe your eyes. He is so happy and enjoys every moment of his new life of luxury. Thankfully, the Defenders were able to step in when they did, since this poor tiger may have simply given up on life. Now, he is free to roam and play, never being forced to entertain crowds again. If you love this video, Please SHARE on Facebook!

Animal Defenders International

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