Camarin and Tomas Take Shelter from the Rain


While it takes everyone to rescue the human species, a few will take the same effort to rescue a dog or any other animal. There are individuals who will deny themselves the comfort and make time to stand tall for the sake of animals across the nation.

The video motivates individuals not to ignore the cry of help even when it is not from your fellow human. As the driver drives by in the non-accommodating environment, he still takes his time to listen to the cry of a dog close to a trash can. The driver picks the dogs and sets to take him along little did he know that his work was not done.

He hears a different cry and seeks to find out what was at the behind the trash can. The most amazing thing occurs and behind the cans, sharing shelter with a dog was a cat. While these two barely stand each other in reality under other circumstances, the calamity got them together.

The driver saves both animals and sets them beside each other. Is it not amazing what close ties can do only when you set the right idea before tearing each other apart?