This Guy Can Actually Create Fire with a Lemon


Learning how to start a fire is a key survival skill that everyone should learn. Even those who aren’t hunters or outdoorsmen will benefit from knowing how to start a fire. It keep you warm and safe in an emergency, plus being able to start a fire using the resources you have on hand is also handy if you need to cook during a power outage. There are many ways to spark a fire, but in this incredible video an expert survivalist demonstrates how to do it using a lemon and a handful of other materials — seriously, he actually does it and makes the whole process look easy.

After putting copper prongs into a regular lemon, the man then inserts zinc nails. These are the elements that work together to spark electricity. After connecting the prongs and nails with wire, he creates a short circuit by setting the contraption onto steel wool and making sparks. Amazingly, this lemon fire starter trick works flawlessly. If you want to learn more survival skills, click to watch the video.