Can You Believe You Have Been Applying Band-Aids Wrong Your Whole Life?


No matter your age, Band-Aids can provide a welcome relief from the pain of a cut. As you will learn in this video, you have most likely been applying them wrong for your whole life. The Crazy Russian Hacker teaches us not only how to precisely apply adhesive bandages but also how to customize the bandages so they fit properly for each type of need.

In this informative video, you will easily learn how to overcome the most common problems of wearing Band-Aids. He teaches you how to deal with a tip of the finger injury or one on the knuckle. Both of these types of injuries can be difficult to cover with a bandage. With these easy hacks, a Band-Aid will stay perfectly in place so the injury can heal. Once you watch this video, you will know how to precisely use bandages to take care of all of your cuts. Please SHARE on Facebook and inform others!