You Can Cover a Tattoo, If You Need To!


This video goes into great detail about how to cover a tattoo, if you need to. Whether it’s because of a job interview or formal family occasion, some people may have conspicuous tattoos that they may wish to cover. This is a good video, because it doesn’t advocate or reject the art of tattoos, just shows you how you can effectively conceal one.
It begins by revealing you can use drugstore, read, inexpensive, makeup products, so this won’t cost a fortune. You should also have enough product left to repeat the process at a later time for another event.

First, the video instructs you to have the skin clean and dry on the tattoo you wish to cover. Then, you must use a small amount of clear makeup primer to prep the skin. Then find an orange or pink matte, not shiny, eye shadow to match your skin tone. This is applied in a few layers with hairspray over each layer. This covers the tattoo rather nicely. She covers the now more pink or orange layer over the original tattoo with a liquid foundation applied with a brush.

After this, she applies a concealer product in a dappling motion with a foundation brush. This takes a while, yet continuous applications really cover. In between each layer, hairspray is applied to set. One final application of concealer applied and spread with the warmth of your fingers helps further to cover the tattoo.
A final application of powder foundation after the last concealer has been set with hairspray is applied that best matches natural skin tone.

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