You Can Easily Turn Your Kitchen Wok Into a Popcorn Maker


If you love popcorn, you likely binge on the microwave variety on a regular basis. Unfortunately, microwave popcorn is full of chemicals and is not the healthiest snack to indulge in. In this video, you will learn how you can turn your kitchen wok into a popcorn maker. The instructions for this popping method could not be easier! For a delicious bowl of crunchy popcorn, you will only need some popcorn kernels, cooking oil, and salt.

As Grace Young explains, you simply add your cooking oil and put in a few kernels to wait until they pop. The video explains you do not put all the kernels in until you are sure the wok is hot enough to effectively pop the kernels. Once popped, simply pour in a bowl and top with salt for a delicious and healthy snack anytime you like. Check out this informative video and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others to learn.