Can You Guess The Hottest Toy Of The 2016 Holiday Season?


Anyone that has not yet heard of Hatchimals needs to watch this video so they can learn more about the hottest toy of the season. Hatchimals debuted back in October and have since become one of the most in-demand toys on the market this year. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, parents are fighting to find these toys for their kids and coming up empty-handed.

It seems toy stores all across the country are sold out of these unique toys. Wondering what they are? These toys feature an egg that actually hatches and reveals a soft and cuddly animal inside. The animal seems to grow before your eyes and is causing a frenzy among kids all over the country. If you don’t yet have your kid’s Hatchimals, you may just be out of luck until the holiday season has passed. Check out this video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.