You Can Use a Tennis Ball to Unlock Your Car in an Emergency


We have all mistakenly locked our keys in the car at some point in our lives. When this mistake is made, there is no reason to pay an expensive locksmith to come out and open the car. With this handy video, you can learn how a tennis ball can be used to open a lock in no time at all, without causing any damage to the lock or door frame. In a matter of minutes, you can safely and easily open your door.

This instructional video shows you the precise technique you will need to use to open your lock. All you will need is a tennis ball that has a small hole in it. The video instructs you how to create this hole and then how to use the tennis ball to get inside the car. This can be used by anyone since a great amount of strength is not needed. After you have learned this technique, Please SHARE on Facebook to inform others!