Canadian Beer Company Draws Interest With Unique Beer Fridge


Molson Canadian Beer Company loves surprising its customers with unique opportunities to enjoy their beer. In this video, they are showcasing their beer fridge which can only be opened by a Canadian who scans their passport. What a novel idea! It is amazing to see everyone trying to figure out how it works. Once a Candian comes forward and scans their passport, the magic happens for everyone.

Suddenly, the street is filled with fun as everyone gets to enjoy an ice cold bottle of Molson Canadian Beer. As everyone enjoys their beer, the fun goes into overdrive. This is one of the most unique forms of advertisement the world has ever seen! Molson plans on putting these out in different locations to allow new people to try their refreshing beer. Can you imagine the fun these fridges would bring? Check out this awesome video and Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can enjoy.

Molson Canadian