Can’t Sleep? Get Up and Cut a Rug Like This Talented Grandma!


When most grandmas sleep, they sit in bed and read or watch a little television. When this grandma can’t sleep, she turns the radio up high and begins to dance around her kitchen. This grandma is truly talented because she can dance just as well as the young people and with much more class! When Mom and Son come together to dance, you will be amazed! It is so wonderful to witness life moments like this. What better way to wind down after a long evening when you are having difficulty sleeping!

In this video, Grandma says this is what you do when you can’t sleep! The entire video is so sweet and it is nice to see the love between Mom and Son as they enjoy a quick dance around the kitchen. The little girl watching is certainly enjoying seeing her Dad and Grandma in action. Maybe she will pick up a few moves and carry on the dancing tradition! If you love this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.