A Cappella Groups Converge to Recount Christmas Story


In the video, two a cappella groups, BYU Noteworthy and BYU Vocal Point, converge to recount the ultimate Christmas story. It features a re-enactment of a very pregnant Mary & Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The video features the citizens offering Mary & Joseph refuge in a manger (barn) as Mary prepares to give birth. The powerful and talented voices in the video come together in song to celebrate the birth of the savior, which is very fitting for the holiday season.

It is a beautiful and inspirational reminder of the holiday season and inspires people of all faiths and/or belief systems to look inward at their core. It encourages us to cherish our good fortune and those around us. Perhaps, it even prompts us to explore our own ideas of faith. Please SHARE this inspirational music video about celebration of the season, togetherness, and faith on Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

Faith Counts