A Car Crash Victim Who Was Saved Under Miraculous Circumstances


Many car accidents end tragically. Some of them end in a way that causes a lot of people to question their beliefs, one way or another. In this video, a young car crash victim was trapped after being hit by a drunk driver. The local public response was overwhelming, with a lot of people coming out to lend their support for the victim. However, they had a hard time cutting through the vehicle in order to free her. After everyone prayed together for a miracle, a man dressed like a priest appeared as if by magic with a bottle of ointment.

Shortly after he arrived, a neighboring fire department showed up with stronger tools, and they were able to free the victim. The man dressed as a priest disappeared, and he was nowhere to be found. Some people on social media have been trying to locate him, and others choose to interpret the situation as a miracle. This is the kind of video that could stir up debates all over Facebook.

ABC News