Car Thieves Running a Scam Involving False Hundred-Dollar Bills Left on People’s Cars


There are many ways of stealing a car. One of them just involves getting people to leave their cars while the cars are still running and then taking off in the cars, which makes it easier on the thieves in many ways. They don’t have to do anything under the hood of the car. It is already ready for them to steal.

In this video, a scam is described involving thieves getting drivers to get out of their moving vehicles by leaving hundred-dollar bills on their windshield wipers.

The money is fake of course, but people won’t always know that until it is too late. The people in this video go into detail about their experiences in this situation, and the confusion and fear involved. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, because it helps to raise awareness about important issues, and it might make people more careful in the future.