A Caring Dog Befriends an Orphaned Baby Opossum Even After He’s Fully Grown


The baby opossum in this video is orphaned after his mother died in a road accident. While he was nursed back to health by medical professionals, he still wasn’t going to be able to go through the bonding process that he needed in order to make the full transition into adulthood. His life changed when he was adopted by an adoring maternal dog.

He spent a good portion of his early years clinging to his dear adoptive mother dog. The video makes it clear that even as an adult, he is still doing the same thing. The two of them are still enjoying the same powerful bond that they did before, and it seems that they will stay that way for the rest of their lives. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, because it is adorable in addition to the fact that it makes an interesting statement about the relationships between animals.