Carrie Underwood Blows the Crowd Away Singing “Church Bells” on the CMT Awards


Carrie Underwood has become the princess of country, since she first won American Idol so many years ago. Through the years, she has worked tirelessly to rise to the top of her talent, never missing a beat or disappointing her fans. Although Carrie is often more of a reserved performer, this video shows she has a completely different side. As she belts out the haunting words to “Church Bells”, the audience cannot sit still any longer and you won’t be able to either!

When you see this video, you may not quite recognize Carrie’s style. It seems she wanted to show she can be a little wild and decided to bring her performance up a notch or two! This performance absolutely stunned her fans and proved she is an ever-evolving performer who is not likely to fade into the background anytime soon. If you are a Carrie Underwood fan, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.