Cashier Protects An Elderly Woman From Being Scammed


This video showcases the kind act of a cashier who went above and beyond her duty to protect an elderly customer who came in her store. The woman was attempting to purchase $2000 worth of iTunes gift cards because she was told her grandchild was in custody and she had to send them to the jail for her bail. Thankfully, the cashier knew this was a scam and called the police.

The officers arrived and talked to the elderly woman, fully explaining this was a common scam. Thankfully, the woman did not lose any of her money and was protected from the scammers. Had this cashier not went above and beyond her job duties, this woman would have lost all her money! The cashier was awarded a gift card for her actions. Watch this amazing video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others about these scam artists.

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