This Cat Brings Her Kittens To Meet A Very Special Friend


In this very sweet video, you will find a mother cat with some kittens. This mother has brought her kittens to see a very special friend. As the mother walks up to a dog that is sitting around a yard, one might think that the dog is going to bark at the cats and chase them away. Instead, the dog greats them with open arms and playfully smells them.

You see, the dog and cat are old friends and the mother cat was bringing her kittens to the dog to show him. The dog seemed really happy to see the cats and played with them very softly. For a very long time, the dog played with each of the kittens, while the mother relaxed. She was able to take her eyes off her kittens, because she knew they were in good hands! Please SHARE this wonderful video with all of your friends and family on Facebook.