This Cat Is Completely Mesmerized By His Owner’s Home Printer


If you regularly surf the Internet, you have likely come across a video like this one where a cat just seems crazy about a home printer. There is something about these electronic devices that simply cause cats to be overly curious and some even go crazy when they hear the noises and see the paper coming out. In this video, this sweet kitty is mesmerized by the printer and cannot seem to get enough!

When he hears the printer coming on, he is immediately drawn to the action and wants to know what is about to happen. He stands up on his hind feet and waits and waits for the paper to come, sometimes trying to help it along. This cat will have you cracking up over watching this printer. Cat lovers will enjoy this video so make sure to watch to the end so you can laugh along. After watching, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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