Unlike animals, humans get a lot of help through the labor process, while animals give birth on their own..

When your pet goes into labor, there’s nothing much to do for them except staying by their side and caring for them as they do what they do.

What we’re about to see in this video will leave you completely dumbfounded .. I’ve never seen something like this before..

A cat is in the process of giving birth to her kittens, but an unusual friend decided to give some help to the about-to-be mother. This is unlikely helper, is an adorable dog.

The dog is there for the whole process. He is there for her, whether or not she wants him to be.

This is not the only thing he did for the cat, he also welcomed the babies to the world by licking them and mom cat doesn’t seem to mind it at all which is very quite interesting. we can say that these two have a special bond and we just know the dog will be there to help raise the kitties.

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