A Cat Demonstrates Affection for a Dog That Has Been Away


Plenty of people still believe that dogs and cats can’t be friends, no matter how many pairs of dogs and cats prove them wrong. The dog and cat pair in this video should once again help dismantle that stereotype. Naturally, one of the related stereotypes is about the nature of cats. A lot of people still think that cats are selfish and not affectionate. These same people will often say that dogs are mindlessly happy. The cat and dog pair in this video manage to dismantle both of those stereotypes.

At the beginning of the video, the cat starts enthusiastically licking the dog. The dog stands there and receives the affection, but doesn’t visibly respond to it. However, the dog soon starts wagging his tail. The cat then appears to jump up and hug the dog on the neck. The two of them stay that way throughout the video. Animal lovers on Facebook would adore this video.