A Cat Dressed as a Monkey Eats a Banana and Gets Licked By a Cat Who Isn’t Wearing a Costume


There is something inherently funny about animals wearing costumes, even if they are dressed as other animals in a way that could look somewhat creepy. There is a humorous incongruity involved with the situation. The cat in this video manages to portray that effect effortlessly. The cat is not wearing a full-body monkey costume, of course, which wouldn’t work well on a cat.

However, the cat is angled in such a way that the costume appears to cover the cat’s entire body, even though it is actually being worn like a head scarf. The cat is filmed licking a banana in the monkey costume, and is later licked by another cat who doesn’t even notice the costume. These are visual distinctions that just matter to humans. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly funny to watch in an accessible way, and it manages to be adorable as well.

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