Cat Fails Miserably At Being Adorable Bumble Bee For Halloween


When the owner of the cat in this video decided to purchase him a Halloween costume, she obviously did not consult with her cat. When she put on this adorable costume, the cat truly looked cute but he was completely miserable and did not like his costume at all. When she asks him if he is ready to go trick-or-treating, the unthinkable happens and results in an epic failure that will make you laugh!

This poor cat did not do so well in wearing his bee costume. Make sure you watch the entire video so you do not miss out on the funniest part, which happens right at the end. This poor fella has about had all of the Halloween he can stomach for one day and it is hilarious to watch. The expressions on his face will have you laughing out loud. Check out the fun and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.