This Cat Just Doesn’t Know What To Do With This Snail


Is it tasty or not? Who knows? It’s certainly not fish.

A really brave (or really dumb) snail decided to pay a visit to his friendly neighborhood cat. The cat clearly doesn’t mind – it hardly notices, in fact – as the snail decides to take a nap on it’s paw. The other cat accompanying the cat in question; however, just doesn’t know what to think of it. After giving the snail a sniff and a long, hard stare, it proceeds to lick the snail, not sure whether or not to make the snail its supper.

The first cat comes to the rescue just in time, however. When it looks like the snail just took its last nap, his living, breathing bed pulls away from the hungrier of the two cats just in time. It looks like the first cat may have itself a nice little pet. Like this video? Please SHARE it on Facebook – it’s too cute to keep to yourself!