This Cat Meets Over 50 Dogs For The First Time, His Reaction Is Unbelievable!


As a little child, I grew up in a family that domesticated dogs only. Every time I tried to inquire from my parents about this, they always told me that cats and dogs are foes. I, therefore, grew into an adult having in mind that these two pets can’t live together. I even developed an idea to keep dogs only. That was the case even though I was a lover of cats. However, after I watched the video below, it dawned on me that it is not always the case.

The video clip below will give us a chance to meet Bomer, the cat that has become an online sensation. People are fond of Boomer because he is appealing. While watching this cat, you will be astonished by his reaction when he is introduced to dogs.

Boomer’s master took him to an exhibition that had over 50 dogs. Since he is the only cat around, I’m tempted to think he is going to get tense. But no! He instead had his lifetime fun by playing with the dogs. Some of the dogs were scared of Boomer.

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