Cat Mourns The Loss Of Her Owner By Sleeping At The Grave


The poor cat in this video misses her owner so much, she will not leave the gravesite, no matter how much people plead with her. She sits at her owner’s grave day after day and refuses to leave. She even lies in the dirt to sleep. When you see this video, it will break your heart and make you realize how very much this sweet cat loved her owner and misses her!

Can you imagine the heartache this poor cat is feeling? Seeing her in such distress is so sad. As she lies there day after day, she must be hoping her owner will come back. While the woman lived, the two of them were inseparable and it continues on after her death. This sweet video is sure to touch you deeply. This proves animals truly do have such big hearts. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can view.