“The Cat Rapper” Raps About Giving His Cat A Bath


Dwayne Molock is known as “The Cat Rapper” because he loves rapping with his cat, Ravioli. In this video, Dwayne is attempting to give his cat a bath but you will soon find out, it does not go as well as he expected. This video is hilarious to watch and will have you laughing out loud. You do not want to miss the funniest part which is near the end of the video so stay tuned.

As The Cat Rapper freestyles with his cat, you will find it so funny, you may want to watch more than once. Those who are cat people will find this is one of the greatest cat songs on the Internet. The coolest thing about the video is he did not prepare his rap before he got in the tub so it was all done off the top of his head. Enjoy the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.