A Cat Reacts Very Emotionally After Playfully Nipping Someone’s Foot


Cats playfully nip their owners’ feet all the time, and they usually don’t have much of a reaction one way or another. However, the cat in this video almost seems to recoil from the feet after nipping them, arching her neck and throwing her head back. While she still nips the foot again afterward, she reacts with even more emotion the second time.

If someone didn’t know any better, they might assume that the foot in question had been treated with something that would make it repellent to cats in some way or another. Regardless of why the cat in question reacted that way, it is certainly fun to watch. It’s a brief video that manages to pack a lot of humor into a short span of time. People all over Facebook would find this video amusing, and they will probably debate the cat’s body language among themselves jokingly and seriously.