A Cat Starts Becoming Hysterical Upon Seeing the New Family Dog


While dogs and cats can clearly be friends, in some cases, they might get off to a very bad start. This may be the case for the dog and cat pair in this video. The cat watches from the window as the owners walk towards the house accompanied by the family’s new dog. The cat promptly begins to cry and hiss very loudly and aggressively.

Cats have a unique ability to express rage in a very dramatic fashion, and the cat’s protests sound like cries of angry pain. The cat even turns to hiss at the person who is recording the video in the first place. The cat only sounds more and more aggressive as the dog gets closer and closer. Human family members try to gently reassure the cat, which only slightly works. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, where it will surely entertain people all over the site.
Kerry Gillette