Cat Survived Vicious Acid Attack And Is Now Recovering


This video will be difficult for all cat lovers to watch but it is important to spread the word about this vicious attack and how it almost caused this sweet cat to lose one of his lives! In this video, you will meet a gorgeous cat named Sir Thomas Trueheart. They call him Tommy for short. He suffered a horrific attack when someone poured acid on his head, causing his skin to melt away. In the process, he lost one of his eyes and has severe scarring.

Although it is difficult to hear about the vicious and cruel attack that took place, your heart will soar when you see Tommy healed. He is being cared for, for life by a special animal rescue team. Tommy now spends his days getting tons of love and playing with his beloved stuffed teddy bear. Thankfully, he fully recovered and is doing great now! After watching, feel free to Please SHARE on Facebook