Catching Rod Stewart Doing Karaoke in the Car


Many people sing in the car casually. It isn’t the sort of thing that’s usually staged, and people don’t often do it while anyone happens to be watching them, at least other than their close friends. Millions of the people watching this video are going to have the opportunity to watch Rod Stewart enjoy some karaoke in the car, which is a surprisingly common place for karaoke.

Part of the appeal of karaoke has always been the simple fact that it is not as staged as some vocal performances. People are getting a more authentic vocal performance from the singers than they would under most circumstances. The singer’s choice of song manages to say a lot about them as well, for better or for worse. This karaoke performance from Rod Stewart manages to preserve some of the elements of karaoke that are likable, even though this is a very different sort of karaoke performance. People all over Facebook would find this video entertaining.

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