Did You Know a Cucumber is a Serious Threat? These Cats Think So!


Cats can do some funny things – including reacting strangely to inanimate objects. But, what’s really funny, is how all the cats in these videos are scared of the same thing: a cucumber. Perhaps, it’s because when it’s just lying there it resembles a snake or rodent of some kind? I’m not sure, but you’ll really get a kick out of watching how these pretty little kitties react when their surprised by this long, green veggie.

For instance, in the first scene, a beautiful white, brown and black cat is eating peacefully by the sliding glass door. Then, as he turns around slowly and sees the cucumber sitting behind him… BOOM! He flies sky high and out of the video shot entirely. There are quite a few cats in this video compilation doing the same thing. Yet, although they’re all a little different and just as funny, some cats just aren’t that scared at the beginning.

Instead of jumping when one cat sees it, he approaches slowly, and… tap, tap, tap. He stands as far back as possible from the cucumber and bats the edge lightly with its paw to see if it moves. Of course, he still doesn’t like it and chooses to run away, but for anyone who owns a cat, this video compilation is hilarious. See how these cats reacts to a common cucumber – and who knows, if you’re a prankster, you may even try this at home. Check it out, and then please SHARE on Facebook.


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