Cats and Dogs, Friends At Last


Dogs and cats are notorious for being arch enemies. Popular culture including television and movies portray the two species as rarely getting along, and the relationship between the two even sparked the phrase “to fight like cats and dogs.” However, not all cats and dogs find it unbearable to be together and some pairs even seem to strike up a friendship.

Check out this video of Squirt the Cat as she playfully toys with Lovie the Dalmatian puppy. At first, Squirt is a little standoffish but she quickly warms to the little puppy and allows the puppy to follow her around playfully batting at his face and almost appearing to give him a hug. Lovie, still a little confused by the interaction quickly retreats to the other side of the room, sitting contently at the paws of her mother.

This unlikely pair of friends is sure to grow up playing instead of fighting like cats and dogs so often do. Share this video on FaceBook to give your family and friends a good laugh!