Celine Dion Bursts Into Tears While Performing “All By Myself” After Her Husband’s Death


This video shows concert footage from Celine Dion’s first performance after the death of her beloved husband. Singing “All By Myself” brings her to crushing tears as she feels the weight of her words so strongly. Looking towards Heaven, she boldly shakes her fist and sings. It is clear the death of her husband is weighing heavily on her heart and she can barely sing through the pain. As she stops during her performance and tears roll down her cheeks, her fans break out in uproarious shouts of support for the performer they love so much.

Celine has been through a terrible time with the loss of her husband and then her brother. This song truly speaks to that pain she must feel! She has so much talent and class; even though she is hurting, she gives her fans her all and does not disappoint them! Check out this beautifully emotional performance and Please SHARE on Facebook!

Ed Strickler

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