A Charitable Former Stock Broker’s Heartwarming and Enlightening Interview With a Blind Man


The narrator of this video and the other videos in the series was a stock broker at one point, and he is now interested in actually giving something back and exploring the side of humanity that is kind and charitable rather than competitive and acquisitive. In this video, he manages to meet up with other people who have taken a similar life path.

This video is set in New York City, and the narrator is interviewing a blind man who was also once wealthy and conventionally successful. Now, he is working for a nonprofit group that is geared towards helping the blind. He shares the narrator’s perspective that helping others is a better recipe for happiness than being self-serving ever could be for anyone. The narrator gives him money at the end of the video, confident that the money will go to a good cause. People should please SHARE this enlightening video on Facebook.

Leon Logothetis

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