Check Out This Aerial Video Of The Craziest Traffic Jam In Beijing


Just in case you thought that you experience hectic traffic jam in your city, think again. This aerial video of a highway into Beijing shows of the most insane and unbelievable traffic jams you have seen anywhere in the world. These drivers, who had left the city to celebrate a recent public holiday in China, are welcomed by their biggest nightmare as they get back to the city.

Thousands of cars, looking like a swarm of bees from this aerial view are bumper to bumper and it is doesn’t look like a situation you would like to be in.

This is not your ordinary highway; picture this, 50 lanes, all full of thousands of cars trying to get to the same destination. It’s the craziest traffic jam ever. That’s not all, at the intersection, the situation is just worse with cars trying to cross over to different lanes of the highway while other want to join different roads. This just goes to prove that China has one of the most insane traffic jams in the world.
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