Check Out the Worst Life Hacks That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Although the vast majority of the hacks in this video or absolutely absurd, some of them actually do work! Karina is a young girl who makes tons of videos for her fans. While she normally focuses on life hacks that are not so asinine, this video does serve a purpose. You will be amazed at the antics that she brings to the table. Imagine using ketchup as a bookmark and you will get a good idea of where this video is headed!

Karina created this video in collaboration with many other video bloggers. The life hack ideas in this video will have you honestly laughing out loud. Although most of them are not usable, there are some you actually might find handy. Though the ketchup idea was a flop, you will learn how to keep your remotes together and even what to do if you don’t have a pasta drainer. Check out this crazy video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see it!

Karina Garcia