Cheerleader Shocks Classmates With Routine Worthy of the Olympic Games


Sometimes, you just know someone is going to go somewhere in the sport of their choosing. In this video, we see a group of cheerleaders screaming and cheering as one of their own shows off her ability. She doesn’t do any “give me a” chants, nor does she do any cheerleader-style dance routines; instead, she pulls off a routine you might expect to see in the gymnastics portion of the Olympic games. Cartwheels, back flips, you name it – she does it all.

While this may already sound impressive enough on its own, the accuracy, speed and flawlessness with which
she pulls her routine off are even more impressive, especially given her young age at the time of the video. You can only hope there was a talent scout in the audience, or that one saw this video at the very least. If you like displays of physical feats and know someone else who does as well, SHARE this video on Facebook so everyone can see this cheerleader’s impressive routine.