Cheerleadings Deliver Awe-Inspiring Perfomance in This Touching 9/11 Routine


These cheerleaders from LHS gave a stunning tribute to both those who fight for our country, and those people who tragically died on 9/11 back in 2001. Their performance this year on September 22 (2015) is seen through the eyes of their school mascot right on the gym floor. Although it’s hard to see where they are going with this routine at first, this video lets you see how quickly it moves into a very patriotic performance.

The reason I mention it’s hard to see where they’re going at first is because the routine begins with audio footage from the actual day of September 11. The audio mix includes people are talking about the plane crash and the twin towers as its happening, as well as all kinds of media commentary and President Bush’s media response. It quickly turns into a stunning performance, however, as they complete various acrobatic moves, jumps and throws to the song “God Bless the U.S.A (Proud to Be American),” by Lee Greenwood.

These girls are all highly talented and execute a really tight, emotionally inspiring performance. If you have ever felt a deep love for this wonderful country, then you will surely have your heart wrenched a little by the end of the routine. Great job ladies… and for those who appreciate this, please SHARE this video in Facebook.