Chewbacca Mom Captivates The World Yet Again!


If you have not yet heard of Candace Payne, make sure you look her up because she is one funny lady! Her first video captivated the world with her amazing laugh after putting on a Chewbacca mask. In this video, she is trying to deal with a hot debate in her family over the song in “Lion King”. As she proceeds to sing it the way she thinks it goes, you will laugh out loud! Even her kids get involved in the fun for this video.

The words that she makes up for the song will have you laughing from the moment she begins singing. There is just something about this woman that is so fun to watch! Everyone first loved her laugh but now she is showing she is much more than a one-hit viral video! Don’t miss this hilarious video and make sure to Pleaseon Facebook for all to enjoy.

Candace Payne