The Chewbacca Mom Transports James Corden to Work While Wearing Her Famous Mask


The Chewbacca Mom has been making huge waves across the Internet since she first uploaded her video of trying on a Chewbacca mask and laughing hysterically at her image in the mirror. In this video, you get to see a clip of her driving James Corden to work. From the very beginning, it is clear to see James is not at all impressed with her mask or her laugh. The antics that follow are quite hilarious!

If you watched her first video, you need to make sure you watch this one. A surprise guest in the backseat of the car pops up to stand up to James and tell him that Chewbacca Mom does sound like the original Chewbacca. He then tries to give the Mom a few hints on her laugh. You will love this funny skit and will likely want to watch it a couple of times, just to hear her gut-busting laugh! Check out this fun video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Late Late Show with James Corden